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The Team

A hard-working consulting firm, with over 100 years of experience, based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan serving throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Established in 2018, we specialize in various areas of training (CROR, Operator Courses, Track Inspection, Fall Protection, etc.), monthly or annual Track Inspections, Operational Efficiencies,  Safety Audits much more. We offer our clients a full package to meet all their needs.

Glenn Pohl

Operations Manager

Glenn hired into the rail industry in 1997 as Brakemen, with a Class 1 Railway, he moved up the ranks to Conductor, then Locomotive Engineer. Glenn moved from a Class 1 Railway to Shortline Railway's where he gained the knowledge and experience in Track Maintenance, Inspections, and job planning.

Glenn assisted in the startup of two Shortline Railways, and has been involved in the operational rehab of several others.


Sean Watson


After completing a diploma in computer software design, Sean began his career in the railway industry. In 2004 Sean started as a conductor with CP and was later qualified as Locomotive Engineer in 2014. In 2015 Sean moved to the shortline industry, where he brought car management software to the local shortline to better manage the car movements and handle the interchange traffic with the Class 1 carrier. After 2 years Sean moved to a different shortline to be closer to home, where he continued to manage crews, plan the operations, and handle the car movement reporting. In 2018, Sean teamed up with Glenn Pohl to start Xpert Rail Consulting and provide a variety of services to shortline customers.


Dale Tuplin

Business Development


Chris Storozuk

Director of Operations

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