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Railcar Repair

Our Solutions, Your Success


Railcar Inspections

FCI certified inspectors can perform various types of inspections on cars. These inspections include:

- Inbound/Outbound inspections
- Pre purchase inspections
- Lease return inspections
- Post derailment Roller Bearing inspections
- AAR BRC estimates and 500-byte files.

Railcar Repairs

We have AAR Certified repairs either mobile or site-specific repairs

- Safety Appliances
- Wheels
- Trucks
- Car Body
- Draft Systems
- Air Equipment
- Lading Equipment
- Light interior cleaning and water wash options for hopper cars
- Exterior pressure wash
- AAR BRC estimates and 500-byte files

Air Brake Testing

Automated single car air brake testing followed by repair and/or upgrading services.

Derailment Services

Complete one stop shopping for derailment clean up needs

- Rerailing services
- Heavy Rerailing services
- Wreck estimates
- Roller bearing inspections/Wheel replacements
- Minor derailment damage repair
- Scrapping options
- Track restoration
- Scrap and debris haulage options

Railcar Parts Supply

- New stock arriving daily to centralized locations in Saskatchewan.
- Gasket and Gate material

Car Remarking

- High quality AAR certified vinyl decals
- Truck remarking
- Full AEI Tag replacements

STOC / LSI Training

- Shop Track Locomotive Operation Curriculum Classroom training and testing
- Locomotive Safety Inspection training and testing
- On Job Training and Qualification

FCI Training

- Class 1 freight car inspection classroom training and testing
- #1 and #1A air brake training and testing
- Post On Job Training Qualification


- Safety audits for rail operations
- Location (Shop or Field) audits
- Quality audits for repair locations

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